Become a TQ Tycoon

Are you looking for the freedom that entrepreneurship has to offer, but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking to earn a FIVE to SIX figure income in just 3 to 4 short months?

If you’ve answered YES to either of these questions, this may be YOUR opportunity of a lifetime.

The Tax Preparation business is one of the strongest fields in the service industry and continues to be one of the most needed. With over 134 MILLION tax returns filled each year, there are plenty opportunities for you to grow your tax business to unthinkable levels. You don’t need an accounting background or degree. All it takes is desire and a will to succeed.


Our tax software is user friendly, intuitive, and accurate. It offers remote signature capture, text link (which allows you to text clients from the actual software), scan and store capabilities, and much more. This is next generation technology, and it continues to evolve to make filing taxes virtually or at a physical location, effortless.

We’ll guide you in selecting the BEST online or personal tax training centers. Once completed, we know that you will possess all the tools needed to dominate the tax preparation industry.

If you’re looking to make your company stand out, this may be the option for you. Give your clientele the ability to file their taxes anytime, anywhere. This is the ultimate addition for the virtual preparer. SIMPLE, SAFE, SECURE.

Have a professional, cutting edge website designed for your business. This site offers mobile app compatibility,
well planned information, effective navigation, and is fully customizable to cater to your needs. We also offer website plug-ins for those who already have a functional site. You can even add a tax filing option to your site so that your clients can file their taxes there as well.

Have your custom logo created by a professional designer. Create an image that embodies your brand and tells your story.

Be a part of a BILLION dollar industry

There is no “one size fits all” system, so we work with you to create a custom package that fits your needs. Plans start as low as $1199. Payment plans are available. A minimum of a $500 deposit is required. Deposit or any portion of deposit is non refundable. The deposit shall be credited against the purchase of a package, as shall any additional payment(s) made to TQ Financial Services LLC. If you do not complete the payment obligation in the designated period of time, your deposit and additional payments shall be forfeited.

Money has been a driving factor from the beginning of time and it will continue to be a necessary a part of our culture. Tax preparation is at the forefront of this race. Come and be a part of a BILLION dollar industry. It’s time for you to become a Tycoon!