The process by which a person or business improves their ability to borrow money; for example, by correcting wrong information in their credit report or reducing their amount of debt more quickly.


TQ Financial Services is here to help you with this process, but we aren’t the typical credit repair company. We believe that in most cases, repairing your credit is something you can do on your own.

We typically ask our clients to look at their own credit report first. We then review it ourselves and discuss each issue with the client. That way, the client has a better understanding of what’s actually being reported and why.

We then offer solutions to each situation. It can be as simple as telling them to call and negotiate a debt, teaching them how their debt to income ratio is affecting their credit, showing them that they just don’t have established credit yet, or offering to help them challenge and dispute incorrect or inaccurate information.

The only time we charge for our services is if we have to. This is when we would be required to formulate and send a series of dispute letters for each situation on your behalf.

We are serious about your credit because it’s an essential aspect in building and growing wealth. If you’re ready to take the next step in rebuilding or improving your credit, click the link below.

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